Alrosa Begins Development of New Diamond Deposit

Alrosa announced that it has started the development of a new diamond deposit, the Zarya pipe at the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division.

Rio Tinto Unveils ‘Impossibly Rare’ Violet Diamond

Last year, Rio Tinto made an astounding discovery at its Argyle mine in Western Australia and never said a word about it.

Sotheby’s to Auction World’s Second-Largest Rough Diamond

Lucara Diamond Corp has appointed Sotheby’s to auction the world’s second-largest diamond it discovered in Botswana last year, the miner’s chief executive officer said in an interview with a Canadian news network.

A State-By-State Breakdown on Diamond Shapes and Sizes

Which state is home to consumers with the biggest and best diamonds (and no, the answer is not Texas)? What’s the popular most diamond shape in Alabama? California? Alaska?

Colored Diamonds, a unique opportunity for investment

IF there is a holiday gift almost guaranteed to make a recipient swoon with joy, it is a diamond.